As you can imagine, we’re quite proud of how many inventions we’ve helped our clients share with the world and we hope to do much more of it in the future.


If you are in need of assistance for drafting and filing a patent application and are curious about what actually comes out of working with Nathan & Associates, take a look around. The following are some of the issued patents we’ve helped our clients secure as well as testimonials from the many clients satisfied with our services.

Anomaly-based detection of SQL injection attacks



Methods for activity reduction in pedestrian-to-vehicle communication networks



Hybrid optical amplifier with optimized noise figure



Weapon Firing Simulator



Electrophoretic deposition of thin film batteries



High resolution thin multi-aperture imaging systems



Miniature telephoto lens assembly



Multilayer vertical cavity surface emitting electro-absorption optical transceiver



Color imaging using a monochromatic digital camera



See the complete list of our issued US patents here.



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