What is a Trademark?

If you’ve successfully gone through the process to patent an idea, your next step will be to protect the brand name of your invention. You will do this by registering a trademark.

A trademark should not be confused with other types of protected “names” however. For instance, your company’s name cannot be trademarked. That is secured through a business license. Also, the name of your website—even if it contains the trademarked name of your invention—cannot be trademarked. You will secure that name through a domain licensing company.


The only things you can trademark are the brand names of products or services and the logos associated with them.

How Can Nathan & Associates Help?

Similar to other legally binding rights you seek for your business, you should have an experienced professional to see you through the process. For foreign clients interested in trademark search and registration services in Israel, Nathan & Associates can help.

As part of this service, we will discuss with you about your product or service. If you have already begun using the trademarked name, we will need to see proof of this so we can better understand the context of how you intend to use it. We will then work to register your trademark and obtain the official certificate that grants you exclusive rights to the brand name.

Get Started with Your Trademark Registration Today

If you haven’t yet procured the patent for your high-tech product, be sure to read up on the patent application process and how Nathan & Associates can help first.

When you’re ready, give us a call or send us an email so we can get your trademark registration started.